The Galilee is the mountainous region of Israel’s north, it has relatively high amount of rainfall and fertile soil and hence dense with evergreen natural groves, planted forests and agriculture. This inspiring primal land was also the home region of Jesus Christ, who grow up in Nazareth and have spent most of his ministry period teaching, preaching and performing miracles all around the Galilee. Many of the sites mentioned in the new Testament, such as Nazareth - place of the Annunciation, Kfar Kana - where Jesus have performed his first miracle, Mt. Tabor - traditionally the place of the Transfiguration, Capernaum, Mt. of Beatitudes and more, are today pilgrimage sites with churches commemorating these events, surrounded with the awesome landscape of the Galilee.
The ancient city of Sepphoris, although not mentioned in the new Testament, was the main city of the region of Nazareth, which have been just a small village at that time, scholars assume therefore that Jesus and his family used to visit it frequently. It is famous for its numerous fabulous mosaics, to be seen today at the excavated archaeological national park.
The Jesus Trail is a hiking / cycling route connecting many of this sites and allows the traveler to enjoy both natural as well cultural atractions of the Galilee. It begins in Nazareth, located on the top of a mountain rang, and ends in Capernaum, by the shore of the sea of Galilee, 212m below sea level. It has several variants suitable for various levels of hikers or bikers.