The Judean Desert is located between the Judean mountains and the Dead Sea. It contains several unique geological phenomena which have formed breathtaking views of mountains, cliffs, and tortuous canyons, unveiling colorful layers of sedimentary rocks as they carve their way down to the Dead sea. The Judean desert landscape is rough and arid, nevertheless some oases such as Ein Gedi and Einot Tzukim are to be found, providing the visitors with cool refreshing water and shade.
The proximity of the Judean desert to Jerusalem, combined with its rugged landscape, have made it a refuge and hiding place for rebels and zealots throughout history, as well as Essenes, monks and hermits who have found their serenity within the solitude of the desert. Remnants of these refuge places, such as Masada and Qumran are today archaeological national parks which allows the visitors a fascinating glance back to ancient times.
Various hiking and biking routes across the Judean desert allows the visitor to experience the power of the desert and delve in to its tranquillity and rich legacy.