The tour follows the remnants of the ancient water system of Caesarea and ends with a visit to the ancient city it self.

Type:        Bike
Region:    Coastal plain
Level:       Easy
Duration:  6h

The city of Caesarea was built by king Herod the great at the end of the 1st century BC and was the most modern city of Judea at that time, built according to the contemporary standards of roman architectur , include many facilities of leisure and a huge harbor wich have made it also one of the wealthiest cities of the region.
After the death of Herod, at the beginning of the 1st century AD, the city became the capital of Judea and expanded. To meet he increasing water demand, several systems of aqueducts were built and have brought fresh water from springs located at the feet of Mt. Carmel.

The tour starts from the town of Binyamina and runs up the Taninim straem to the Alona park, where the aqueduct begins with a tunnel, dugg in to the soft chalk rock, to reach the source of the spring. The visit includes a refreshing walk in water through the ancient tunnel (torches are recommended).
From there the tour runs down the stream, along several remnants of the arcaded aqueducts (of several building phases), and comes to the Caesarea N.P., for a visit to the ancient city and harbor, include the medieval crusader fortress.
During lunch time, at the harbor of Caesarea, it's possible to bathe in the sea as well.
The tour ends up back in Binyamina.

Binyamina, the Start/End point of the tour, is reachable by train from Tel Aviv or Haifa.

A part of the Cross Galilee tour.

This tour is also available as a group tour on:
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