The tour crosses the Makhtesh from north to south and allows beautiful views of the Makhtesh from both sides. Include the Zafit spring with bathing possibility.

Type:        Hike
Region:    Negev
Level:       Difficult
Duration:  8h

Makhtesh Hazera is the smallest of the three Makhteshim of the Negev.

A Makhtesh (crater) is a rare geological phenomena, there are only 6 specements world wide, the three larger of which are located in the Negev (2 smaller in the Sinai desert). The creation of a Makhtesh takes about 100 Million years and requires particular conditions along several stages. The Hazera Makhtesh is relatively small and therefore allows the observer a good view of the typical round shape of a Makhtesh, with a single narrow draining stream.

A part of the Israel National Taril., 2 Machteshim 3 Days tours.