A stunning tour through the gorges of the Amiaz plateau and the summit of Mt. Sodom, with varied geological surprises and a breathtaking view over the Dead Sea.

Type:        Hike
Region:    Judean desert
Level:       Moderate
Duration:  6h

The Amiaz Plateau is located at the southeast corner of the Judean Desert, at the foot of the Sodom salt mountain, not far from the Dead Sea. Due to the soft rock formations of the plateau, floods have formed deep, gorgeous ravines in its base.

The tour begins with a gentle descent into the spectacular Prazim Gorge. Thanks to a rare combination of colored sedimentary rocks and a seismically sensitive area, the canyon walls have been made into a natural pice of art. We continue up the Sodom ravine (still gentle), now we are already at the foot of Mount Sodom, the salty taste of the canyon wall indicates of the composition of the mountain. As a finalle, the tour climbs briefly and somewhat steeper on the ridg of Mt. Sodom, from which one has a breathtaking overview of the Dead Sea, as well as the Judean mountains in the west and the Moab mountains beyond the sea. The climb down goes either steeply towards the sea (for the brave ones among us) or a little cozyer west, back to the Amiaz plateau.

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