A beautiful ride along a line of fountains on the Judaean mountains, west of Jerusalem.

Type:        Bike
Region:    Jerusalem
Level:       Moderate
Duration:  3h

On this tour we will circle (actually form a'U') around the Aminadav ridge, by the west outskirts of Jerusalem. The first part goes above the Soreq valley, along a line of springs, with small ponds, some with a tunnel carved in the rock to reach the water source. The second half of the tour goes along the Refa'im valley, where the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem railroad runs since 1892 (originally started from Jaffa).

Optional: The Kennedy memorial.

Note: The tour includes a few rather steep downhill phases, and not suitable for beginners.

The tour is a part of the tours: Around Jerusalem ,Sataf and the rout of fountains