From Tel Aviv harbor, along the coast to the Crusader fortress of Apollonia

Type:        Bike
Region:    Tel Aviv
Level:       Easy
Duration:  3h

Apollonia N.P. (A.K.A Arsuf) is located on a cliff above the sea, 12km north of Tel Aviv, by the city of Herzliya. The place was inhabited since the Persian era and along the centuries till the end of the Crusader era. Most of the ruins today are from the Crusader fortress, which was destroyed by the Mamluk Sultan Baybars at 1265, after a long siege and an heroic fight of the Hospitaller monks.

The tour starts in Tel Aviv harbor and goes along the coast line, through the beaches of Tel Baruch and Herzliya. The way back is basicly the same, with bathing stops, according to wish and time.

The tour is basically flat. Most of it on a paved bicycle path and a bit on a good dirt road.